Daisychain Childcare Centre

We are a community-based childcare centre providing affordable childcare in which the welfare of children attending the service is paramount. Knockanrawley Resource Centre has provided childcare since 1993 and this has expanded in response to the growing needs of the community over the intervening years.

In September 1998, Daisychain was established which today offers care for 133 children aged between 3 months and 12 years. Safety is foremost in all activities, which are closely supervised by up to 20 qualified and trained staff whose aims are to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment with a wide range of activities for all children within this community.

We encourage an open door policy, particularly with parents and participants of the centre. The service is managed by the KRC Board of Management and Director, a Childcare Sub-Group and the Childcare Co-Ordinator. Our Childcare Sub-Group is mainly made up of parent representation, two room leaders, the Childcare Co-Ordinator and the Chairperson. This group meets a number of times during the year and are committed towards ensuring that parents are involved in the policy and decision making regarding the childcare issues.

Daisychain is notified to the HSE South East whose comment on our service is the following:

This service provides a quality child centred age appropriate programme of care for the children attending the service. The programme of activities devised by the staff for the different age groups in their care provides a holistic approach to the developmental needs of the children.

We set a high standard of confidentiality which we believe aids in establishing a good relationship between parents and childcare leaders.