Incredibile Years – Parenting Programme

This programme, funded by the Tony Ryan Foundation, supports parents to build a positive and calm home environment. All children can experience emotional and behavioural difficulties at different times. If you are having difficulty managing routines, mealtimes, getting to school, poor behaviour – then this might be the course for you. It is a 14 week group course, and it runs once a week for 2.5hrs. Childcare may also be available.

Incredible Years is designed for parents of children aged 3-9 years and covers a range of topics including; Play, Routines, Time-out for bad behaviour, Problem Solving, Consequences, Social Skills. This is a practical course designed to help parents strengthen their parenting skills and reduce stressful behaviour issues.

During the course, there will be a free outing for the parents and their children to enable them to become familiar with participating families and create a more supportive environment within the group.

For further information please contact Helen Buckley, Parent and Family Support Worker at the centre or by Tel on 062 52688