Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are available to people who are in emotional or psychological distress and whose difficulties primarily relate to themselves alone.

Couples Therapy

Many couples experience difficulties with communication and these difficulties can impact greatly on the couple’s capacity to meet each other’s emotional and sexual needs. Therapy is offered to assist couples to make their relationship more satisfying for both.

Family Consultations and Family Therapy

Depending on the severity of the distress, this type of therapy is offered when problems are not only affecting individuals but other and perhaps all family members as well, such as children’s behavioural and emotional problems, adolescent difficulties, problems for families going through painful life changes such as separation, illness and old age.

Pre-Separation Consultation for Couples

Couples who are contemplating separation often experience distress and confusion. Brief systematic consultation can help them to clarify their situation and assist them in making wise decisions among the many critical issues that they will be dealing with.