Knockanrawley Resource Centre Today

The centre is governed by a Voluntary Management Committee comprised of volunteers from the local community, all of whom have participated in the activities of the centre.

The centre has five different sections, which are run by a Co-Ordinator and staff, under the direction of the Centre Director. Each section has a sub-group which includes staff, management, and members of the community who use the service/resource.

In 2012, our annual income was €1 million, with funds coming from various government departments and agencies, charitable trusts and donations, fees charged for services such as childcare, EU funding, etc. We have a staff of 50, including full-time, part-time and staff on training schemes.

Activities at Knockanrawley Resource Centre

The core activities of the centre are:

  1. Community Development
    To enable and empower individuals and groups, through the process of self-development and working together, to identify and make changes that enhance their lives and the community in general. We also support resident groups and the Tipperary Residents Network. We have an extensive Parent and Family Support programme, which works with families experiencing socio-economic and educational disadvantage.
  2. Education and Training
    To develop affordable, accessible community based education and training opportunities for skills, personal and community development, to enable individuals and the community to access life-long learning. Programmes include return-to-work courses, community arts, IT training, cookery and nutrition, welding, organic horticulture, etc. Knockanrawley Resource Centre is a quality assured FETAC Centre and ECDL Test Centre.
  3. Family Therapy and Counselling
    To develop a quality and accessible family therapy and counselling service to support individuals and families to make changes which will enhance their lives. We have three part-time counsellors/therapists.
  4. Childcare
    To develop quality and affordable childcare to enable parents to participate in the process of community development, avail of job opportunities, and to support the development of their children. The Daisychain Childcare Centre offers baby, toddler, playgroup, preschool and after/out-of-school care.
  5. Organic Garden
    To develop our organic garden as a resource to engage and train the community and, as a result to increase awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development in our community.

We also host an outreach service for women who experience domestic violence. This is provided by Cuan Saor Refuge in Clonmel. A HSE Addiction Counsellor also provides an outreach service from the centre.

The centre works in conjunction with organisations such as FÁS without whom we would not have our very valuable Community Employment (C.E.) Scheme. The C.E. Scheme provides a very necessary staff resource with participants working in a number of areas within the centre such as childcare, reception and the organic garden. This scheme and others, such as Jobsbridge, TÚS and the Rural Social Scheme (RSS), offer participants an opportunity to obtain on the job work experience and also gain formal training qualifications in their chosen area. We are delighted to say that we have a very high success rate of people obtaining permanent employment from these schemes.